Men's sneakers

Boggi Milano men's sneakers come in leather and durable fabrics, like canvas, and are designed for many situations and uses. Their quality is assured by expert craftsmanship following the highest standards.

The athletic sneakers in smooth leather, suede and jersey, with rounded toes, feature details and stitching that add a touch of class even to the simplest shoe, like contrasting microperforated suede strips in white and black. The delicate lines of the leather sneakers, in high-quality materials and solid colors, instantly give these shoes exemplary style. They are a perfect complement to add a unique touch to even the most elegant outfit, like the Navy Blue London suit.

A wide choice of running shoes in solid colors and crafted leather are available even in more distinctive variations, where the blend of materials like fabric and leather, add character to an outfit and look great with a cotton jersey t-shirt. Low-top sneakers, in cream, black or bright blue, pair perfectly with relaxed or stretch jeans. They have been designed for versatility, to give a touch of class to leisure time, or to add comfort to an office look.

For added sophistication, choose one of the casual Boggi Milano shirts in breathable cotton or a pattern.