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Men's tuxedos

A true men's tuxedo must convey a debonair look that lives up to the longstanding tradition of this garment. For this reason, Boggi Milano formal tuxedos are designed to ensure that every occasion where they are worn will be memorable and unique.  

The cut of the tuxedo jacket is intended to accentuate the shoulders and follow the shape of the torso, thanks also to the one-button front closure that streamlines the figure. When it comes to formal suits, the black tuxedo, and all the elements that make up the complete ensemble, exudes a timeless charm that has been an essential part of fashion for centuries.

The tuxedo, in blue or black, is crafted with meticulous attention to every detail. The typical shawl or peak lapels cover the shirt with an exquisite breathable and wrinkle-resistant fabric. An elegant pairing that is impossible not to notice is the bow tie and the cummerbund, both in a silky texture and available in three dominant colors of black, blue and gray. They can be used as contrasting elements or to match the preferred tone for the evening. If a cummerbund is not the best solution to achieve the desired style, the tuxedo can be enhanced with a vest in stretch wool or cotton, depending on the season. To complete the look of this type of ensemble, elegant shoes and shirt cufflinks are a definite must.