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Home Office Wear

Home Office Wear refers to a type of clothing that is both comfortable and elegant and is appropriate for online meetings. The outfits are made up of soft, well-fitting pieces that always look classy, thanks to Boggi Milano's unique stylistic approach, defined by meticulous attention to every detail.

The Office Wear selection features high-quality fabrics, like cotton or Tencel, a 100% natural fiber that comes from the Eucalyptus tree and guarantees a high degree of breathability. These are perfect materials for men's tops, from solid colored T-shirts where the quality of the fabric ensures maximum comfort and great style, to the polo jersey, a comfortable option that features the typical details of more classic shirts.

Another must-have for smart work attire, that is ideal for a conference call, is the polo shirt, in soft fabric and slim or regular fit, with shirt-style buttons and collar. It is a perfect solution that allows you to work through an eight-hour day in total comfort.

The home office wear collection also features comfortable pant solutions for working remotely, like jeans, with many regular fit options, or joggers. Cotton pants are also an excellent alternative. They offer comfort, thanks to a drawstring at the waist, and come in a regular fit, making it impossible to tell the difference between these casual pants and classic dress pants.