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B Tech

A suit that can withstand time and weather is crafted with high-quality fabric. B-tech is the new, innovative fabric from Boggi Milano that enhances the performance of men's suits, as well as coats, polo shirts, waistcoats and trousers. This cutting-edge fibre makes menswear fabric even more reliable.

Made from stretch nylon, B-Tech ensures comfort, breathability and durability. This is particularly useful when it comes to wearing a B-tech shirt or jacket, since it allows you to maintain impeccable style even after many hours of wear, making it perfect for the office and even free time.

The collection is designed to provide high performance in every situation. When used for coats, such as bomber jackets or down-padded parkas, the waterproof and wind-resistant properties of the fabric combines with its thermoregulating nature, ensured by the technology unique to the nylon fibre. For trousers, on the other hand, the technical fabric makes them crease-resistant and provides all-day comfort. The fabric is finished with two different technologies: the external side is water-repellent and the internal side provides high moisture absorption.

Shirts, polo shirts and jackets made from this "technological" fabric immediately offer the wearer a feeling of freshness and comfort, thanks to its high breathability.