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Men's ties

Boggi Milano's collection of ties includes more than 90 different style solutions made from pure wool, pure silk and silk blends. The versatile range of colours and patterns is designed to suit every occasion.

In addition to classic stripes and polka dots in all shades and sizes, you can also choose original prints in classic or more vibrant tones. The choice of fabric makes each tie unique, affecting how they move and catch the light. For example, Boggi offers a striking plain light grey bourette silk tie with a jacquard design.

Printed ties with geometric patterns are the perfect choice to add a dash of personality to a simple suit. For shirts with narrow lapels, like the Napoli collar, you can choose a narrower style of tie. Try out the Four-in-Hand knot to create a sleek look. Wider ties are ideal for wide collars like the Windsor collar, from which the Full Windsor knot takes its name: this symmetrical triangular knot is best suited to sturdy collars.

Boggi's range of silk satin ties and bow ties add a touch of elegance to formal suits, while knitted ties pair best with casual outfits due to their coarse texture and square ends. The Boggi Milano catalogue also includes pure silk versions, for a touch of elegance made in Italy.