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The cummerbund is a traditional element of the black tie dress code, created for important events and occasions. For evening wear, gentlemen should always choose garments with covered details: covered shirt buttons, covered tuxedo seams, and a cummerbund to cover the waistband of your trousers.

Finish your tuxedo with a cummerbund, matching bow tie and shirt with covered buttons to create a flawless black tie ensemble. A cummerbund is a classic alternative to a waistcoat, designed to add a touch of elegance, class and prestige to your outfit. Cummerbunds also help to slim your silhouette to create a sleek style.

For this classic evening look, you should always choose braces instead of a belt, which would be visible under the cummerbund. To match all of your other accessories, look for a classic black or white cummerbund.

Boggi Milano's cummerbunds are made from pure silk, designed in understated shades to create your own unique style.