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Boggi Milano has won widespread appreciation for its ability to express a passion for Italian elegance, and for its positioning as one of the most important menswear companies.

Founded in 1939, Boggi Milano is popular with cosmopolitan men all over the world for its products suitable for every occasion, from smart casual to easy formal, right through to the most formal events. In addition to its garments, Boggi Milano offers a range of accessories exclusively Made in Italy.

The Boggi Milano approach is hallmarked by a number of values that are fundamental to the brand’s international success:
catering to the needs of men all over the world, without losing sight of its Italian identity
elegance, in the sense of a perfectly balanced aesthetic that makes Boggi Milano’s style universally recognizable
tradition, because the company is strongly committed to the future, while retaining its ties to its history and its heritage of artisanal expertise
quality, because attention to detail becomes a distinctive feature of the brand’s products, enhancing their overall appeal.

With over 190 stores in 38-plus countries, the brand is enjoying constant growth on a global scale, enabling it to implement its mission of disseminating its style philosophy both in Italy and abroad while maintaining a constant focus on the individual characteristics of its different markets and customers. In order to achieve this objective, in 2016 the company founded the Boggi Milano Academy, an internal school that trains all Boggi Milano’s new staff members and keeps its personnel constantly updated on the changes occurring in its field of operations in different parts of the world.