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    The B Jersey line, created from the combination of premium yarns of high elasticity with all our sartorial tradition, is a celebration of jersey, a soft knitwear fabric with smooth or honeycomb surfaces.

    The B Jersey line by Boggi Milano

    Lightness, softness and elasticity: these are the principal characteristics of our B Jersey garments that create a fascinating visual appearance as a result of the textile’s three-dimensional structure. Jersey thus offers superb comfort in addition to crease resistance. Its supple drape ensures that the garments follow the wearer’s lines to perfection, enhancing physique without hindering movement. It is the ideal knitwear fabric for men who appreciate all-day comfort: blazers, trousers, shirts and long-sleeved polo shirts are available in a wide range of colours, designed specially for anyone looking for comfortable, versatile, easy-iron garments.

    Boggi Milano B-Jersey line
    Boggi Milano B-Jersey Bari blazer in grey cotton crepe jersey  BO20P043402
    Boggi Milano navy blue cotton jersey T-shirt BO20P003601
    Boggi Milano grey stretch cotton joggers BO20P010301
    Boggi Milano jersey fabric

    What is jersey?

    Jersey is a quality fabric, reflecting the techniques that require a high degree of manual expertise, both for the knitwear production and for the subsequent printing operations. Jersey’s knitwear structure is in fact made possible by the circular knitting machines that ensure the fabric’s high flexibility, according to the material’s specific characteristics. Many types of yarn can be used for knitwear, such as cotton, cotton crêpe, wool or linen, with the optional addition of elastan or lycra.

    Welcome to our world of jersey in all its forms. Discover the pleasure of its soft, warm embrace.