best Christmas presents for boyfriends Boggi Milano

    5 Christmas ideas for him

    Discover how to find the perfect present to match his tastes. 

    5 Christmas ideas for him

    How to find the perfect present to match his tastes. 

    It’s not long until Christmas, and the street lights and shop windows remind us that it’s time to start looking for presents for our nearest and dearest. Thinking of the perfect Christmas gift is never easy, and one of the hardest things is to find the best Christmas presents for boyfriends, particularly if you haven’t been going out with him for long.

    Even Christmas present ideas for husbands can be a problem notwithstanding the fact that you know him better than most. In both cases, it is a question of expressing your love without falling into the trap of banal and obvious items.

    Of course, high street stores propose all sorts of Christmas ideas for men. You may find some good ideas just by means of a stroll downtown. But today there is never enough time, and so in this article we are going to give you some tips on Christmas present ideas for him. 

    best Christmas presents for boyfriends full-zip sweater in beige cashmere by Boggi Milano
    best Christmas presents for boyfriends crew-cut sweater in navy stone-washed merino wool by Boggi Milano

    How to choose the best Christmas present for him

    Before considering the best Christmas presents for boyfriends, it’s worth thinking about the things that are best not to give. Consider his hobbies. You know that he’s really into watches? Don’t buy him a watch! You can be 99% sure that it will be one that he never really wanted. Is his thing golf? Don’t buy him a club, or a hat. He’ll have his own definite tastes and he probably already has the items in question. 

    Nonetheless it can be useful to note his comments, glances and hints in the pre-Christmas period. If you are very lucky, he will mention the precise object that he’d really love to find in the parcel, and in that case, it’s practically job done.

    But very often, men are not very good at expressing their desires. This is where careful observation of his lifestyle can give you some clues.

    People often think that it’s best not to give items of clothing as gifts, partly because of individual tastes, and partly considering the problem of size. But in actual fact, the opposite is true. You see what he is wearing every day, and so you have a good idea of what he likes. And in most cases, if the item is the wrong size, or doesn’t quite mirror his preferences, he can simply change it, whether direct at the store, or online.

    Christmas present ideas for a fashion forward boyfriend

    If your man is a trendy guy and never leaves home without checking his appearance in the mirror, there are lots of Christmas ideas for boyfriends.

    If he normally dresses smart, he’ll love a blazer. You can choose from all sorts of cuts, fabrics and colours, and match them to what he normally wears. And as to size, just give the Miss Marple in you a chance: a quick look through his wardrobe, and you’ll discover a few size tags quick as a flash.

    As we’re in the middle of winter, you could show him just how warm your feelings are and give him a cuddly jersey or a soft cashmere cardigan.

    Many men don’t like shopping for things like footwear. So why not supercharge his look by giving him a pair of shoes? He will always need a smart pair of derbys or oxfords for work, making his outfit more formal.

    Alternatively, a pair of loafers is perfect for a dinner with friends and all occasions when a more casual outfit is required.

    best Christmas presents for boyfriend Boggi Milano blazer
    Christmas ideas for men polka-dot tie by Boggi Milano

    Christmas ideas for a creative boyfriend

    The best Christmas gift idea for a creative boyfriend could easily be a lively, creative item of clothing, a perfect fit to his character.

    For example, brightly-coloured elegant ties are ideal: red and yellow are two colours that work well with a blue suit, and can create an interesting contrast as part of a smart outfit. A patterned tie could also be amongst the top Christmas ideas for boyfriends. You can choose from many motifs: from polka-dot to floral, you will enjoy matching the pattern to his character.

    Another option could be a casual shirt. This can be more daring than a dress shirt, and you have a wide choice of fabrics, colours and patterns that mirror his personality.

    Christmas ideas for sporty men

    If you like romantic weekend trips and visiting new cities, good Christmas gifts for a boyfriend could be something for those days spent together. For example, a cotton polo, or a pair of comfortable, sporty sneakers, would be perfect for walks in the streets of your destination city.

    Boyfriends who spend some time working out in the gym will appreciate a bag for all their kit and sportswear for their training sessions, and so this is an excellent gift idea. A handy backpack is a great choice for men who are always on the move and like to have their hands free.

    Christmas ideas for men Boggi Milano sneakers in smooth leather
    Christmas ideas for men Boggi Milano 8-slot wallet

    Timeless Christmas ideas for men

    If you have known your boyfriend for just a short time, there are some classic gifts that will always fit the bill. A leather wallet for man is always a favourite. There are many models available from which you can select the best match to his tastes.

    For example, if he is a disorganized sort of person, thinking of the possible Christmas present ideas for him, you could give him a wallet with many internal pockets providing room for ID documents, credit cards and banknotes. A coin holder is a great gift for men who like having some coins in their pockets for coffee or snacks. An item that is always appreciated for its versatility, a business card holder can be used to hold many different items, from cards to tickets, receipts and so forth.

    A business card holder is without doubt a timeless Christmas gift, something that he will enjoy. You can make the present more personal by putting a hand-written note inside: what about a voucher for a kiss?