About us

The orders made on Boggi Milano Shop Online can be paid by credit card. The Vendor may allow additional means of payment in the dedicated section on www.boggi.com Details of the credit cards will be sent to ADYEN and PAYPAL which deals with payments via credit card for the Vendor.

The credit card data sent to ADYEN while the order is being made, is protected against unauthorised access, by means of cryptographic transfer of SSL data (Secure Socket Layer) at 128 bit.

All the current browsers support SSL cryptography. This data is not accessible to third parties, nor to Boggi Milano.

The Boggi Milano e-shop accepts payment via PayPal, and Credit Card. You may select from these payment methods at the end of the order process.

For any requests, questions or feedback, please contact our Customer Service team.

Please note: This online shop operates from the European Union and, as such, all transactions are ultimately made in Euro (unless otherwise displayed). If you are paying using another currency, the currency conversion will be based on that day’s exchange rate. There is no extra cost for currency conversion.


Which methods of payment are accepted at the shop.boggi.com?

www.boggi.com accepts payments via credit card or PayPal.


When will my order be debited?

For credit card orders, debits are made when the order has been completed.

We would like to remind you that debits will only be made for the amount of the products actually sent.


Can I pay cash on delivery?

Yes, for the moment, this payment method is only available for orders shipped to Italy.


After changing the delivery address, the price changed, why?

www.boggi.com has been developed to display and automatically calculate the total amount and the VAT related to the order depending on the destination country you have selected.

The delivery costs and inclusion of VAT may affect the final cost of your order.



Which credit cards can I use?

The credit cards currently accepted are Visa, CartaSì, Mastercard, JCB, Moneta, Poste Pay, Vpay, Maestro.


Is it safe to use my credit card at shop.boggi.com?

Your data is totally safe. Your credit card information is sent, during the ordering process, to PayPal/Setefi and are protected against unauthorised access thanks to Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This information cannot be accessed by third parties. For more information, please consult the ‘Payments’ paragraph in the ‘General terms and conditions of sale’ section in the Legal Area.



PayPal permits any company or individual consumer who has an email address to send and receive payments in a safe, secure manner. Clicking the “Pay with Paypal” link will take you to PayPal’s secure website. Once there, if you already have a PayPal account, you can simply proceed to authorize your payment.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can register for free and securely enter your credit card information (prepaid cards are also accepted). You will then be able to send order payments to Boggi Milano Shop Online with the simple click of your mouse.

You can also use your current bank account to apply funds to your PayPal account, from which you can subsequently make payments.

The usage of PayPal as an online payment tool is free.


How can I pay using PayPal?

You may select PayPal as a payment method on the first page of the Shopping Cart section.

By clicking on ‘Proceed with the order’ on the Confirmation page, you will be taken to the PayPal login page, where you can enter your account and conclude your payment.

If you do not have a PayPal account yet, you can create one on the PayPal login page, before concluding your order.