Su Misura



With this new service, Boggi Milano completes its man’s suit offer. In this way, the brand will be able to eventually satisfy also the most exigent clientele that prefers to wear exclusive suits, personalized in terms of both wearability and details. Clients will then be able to choose among 150 different fabrics and create their own suit.

The Boggi Su Misura service, will allow clients, to realize a suit with their own measurements that will perfectly fit them and their wishes in terms of style.

By working with the same precision of a master tailor, it will be possible to obtain a finished suit by mixing the exquisite artisan experience with the innovative technics coming from the modern industrial processes.

The choice and the possibility to personalize all the suit’s details will in the end complete the perfect suit.

The result?

A suit with all the characteristics and qualities of a sartorial peace of work achieved with the fast timing of the prêt-à-porter process but most of all at a very competitive price.

The Boggi Su Misura project will be activated in 25 stores all over Europe and it will be presented to the public through a series of in-store events.

In order to launch the service in each store, Boggi Milano makes available the exclusive experience of its Su Misura Expert for an entire weekend. The Expert, as a real ambassador, introduces the new project to the clients that have registered for the event.  

Following the opening weekend, the store is officially enabled to the new Boggi su Misura service that is available to the clients every day of the week according to the regular store’s opening hours. To benefit from this service, it is not required to book an appointment in advance; in fact, you can simply walk into one of the shops offering the service and request for the support of one of our Boggi Su Misura expert, always available in store.

Discover"Su Misura" Trunk Show :


7 - 9 September                                                                                Sanremo - Via Matteotti 18

14 - 16 September                                                                            Treviso -  Piazza Carducci (Ang. via Indipendenza 7) 

18 - 20 September                                                                            Londra  - 28 Sloane Square 

21 - 23 September                                                                            Londra - 49 Jermyn Street 

28 - 30 September                                                                            Ryadh - Al Faisaliah Mall 

2 - 4 October                                                                                     Milano - Buenos Aires (Ang. via Caretta) 

5 - 7 October                                                                                     Milano  - P.zza San Babila 3 

12 - 14 October                                                                                 Milano - Vercelli 23/25 

19 - 21 October                                                                                 Lussemburgo  - Rue Philippe II 34 

26 - 28 October                                                                                 Monaco - Fünf Höfe - Theatinerstrasse

2 - 4 November                                                                                Verona - Via Giuseppe Mazzini 14/16

6 - 8 November                                                                                Roma -  Via Cola di Rienzo 266

9 - 11 November                                                                              Roma -   Via del Babuino 20

14 - 16 November                                                                            Dubai -  Dubai Mall 

27 - 29 November                                                                            Parigi - 112 Boulevard Saint Germain 

30 November  -  1 December                                                           Parigi - 38 Boulevard des Italiens 

6 - 8 December                                                                                 Beirut -  ABC Verdun